Some extracts from The Studley Trustees Minute book give a little detail of some of the many changes made to the building.

In 1901, “the old porch is to be taken away and an entire new one in place”.  This porch was demolished as part of the refurbishment in 2015.

In 1902, the windows were re-glazed with “Cathedral lights”.

In 2015, 2 side pews were removed, in preparing for the refurbishment.  Some writing was discovered on the underside of one of the seats: “R Davis Builder Redditch 1902”. It seems likely that these side pews were for the choir, replacing seats lost when the organ was installed in the former choir gallery.  Behind the wooden backing was found the remains of a decorative frieze, part of the previous decoration.  Other traces were found elsewhere and a small section has been preserved.

The time of the morning service was changed to 10:45 in 1907.  Although there have been some changes to the time since then, it remains at 10:45 to this day.

The 1914 minutes include a mention of a Brewhouse on the premises!

The schoolroom floor was replaced in 1929 at a cost of £60.  Part of this floor remains.

In 1930, electric lighting replaced the gas lamps, paid for by the Women’s Association. In 1936 they financed an electric blower for the organ, the cost, including thorough cleaning and overhaul, being £48.

Recurring themes include problems with drains, damp, heating and ventilation!  Often, decoration and repairs have been deferred due to lack of funds.

The brass cross on the altar table was purchased in 1953 “in memory of Mr Gibbs, who had served the Church as Sunday School Superintendent and Trustee for many years”.

In 1959, some electric heating was installed, following problems with the coke boiler.  A new water pipe was laid to improve the sanitation, the roof was repaired, a kitchen installed (in the previous small vestry, originally built as a classroom) and the premises completely redecorated.

The heating was converted to oil-fired in 1962, with the boiler being placed in what was the kitchen.

The roof was replaced in 1964 at a cost of £313 5s 6d and a new stair case was installed, costing £80.

In 1995 the oil-fired boiler was replaced by a gas boiler (housed in a small lean-to extension) and in 1998 the old boiler room was converted into a toilet equipped for disabled use.  In 2004, this boiler was replaced by 2 new ones (making the floors independent) and radiators were installed, necessitating the removal of the side pews.

In 2001, a new sign was erected on the front of the building and the kitchen was refurbished.

The pews were removed in 2006, the Church was carpeted and chairs were provided, giving a warm, friendly and adaptable space.

In 2010 a major problem of dry and wet rot was discovered affecting the rear of the lower floor and requiring removal and replacement of affected woodwork, specialist treatment, provision of additional ventilation, improvements to the drainage, and replacement of the guttering and downpipes.  Redecoration was required once the work was finished.

The drive and rear area were tarmacked in 2012.