The organ 

A Grand Bazaar was held in the Public Hall on 11th, 12th and 13th September 1899, “proceeds towards the erection of a new organ, new rostrum, & improved ventilation of Studley Wesleyan Church”.  £64 8s 1d was raised.

The organ was built by Thomas & H. W. Hewins of Stratford-upon-Avon, providing a dominant feature at the east end.  There are two manuals with the following stops –
Great: Open Diapason 8', Dulciana 8', Clarabella 8', Principal 4'
Swell: Open Diapason 8', Gedact 8', Echo Gamba 8', Gemshorn 4', Hautboy 8'
Pedal: Bourdon 16'.

A dedication plate on the front records that the Gamba was built in loving memory of Jabez & Mary Bartlam.

A balance sheet of the organ scheme dated 1901 shows that T. & H. W. Hewins were paid £153, the rostrum, etc. cost £41 15s 3½d, other alterations £19 11s, with various other items giving a grand total of £226 6s 6 ½d.

At the Harvest Festival on 21st September 1902, an afternoon organ recital was given by Mr T Appleby Matthews, organist of St. Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham and later the first conductor of the City of Birmingham Orchestra (now City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra).  An organ festival was held in November 1902.  In 1903, the organist’s salary was reported to be £10, paid quarterly.

A major restoration was carried out by Trevor Tipple of Worcester in 2008.  The Methodist Organ Adviser described it as “one of the best in the District”.