Help for Asylum Seekers

147 asylum seekers have been recently housed by the Home Office in our area. These men, women and children have no family or support in the UK. Only food and housing is provided, with little financial support, eg £5 a week for men.

A collection of specific items needed by the refugees is taking place on Thursday 11th June from 5.30pm - 7pm at the front entrance of Studley Methodist Church.

Please can all donations be new or nearly new items.
Please note we are unable to accept anything not on this list.
Requests below are from a 3 generation family from Iraq.
Grandparents in their 70s, parents in their 40s, a daughter aged 13yrs and son aged 8yrs.
Grandfather aged 70 plus- jacket (large size, black/dark colour)
Shoes size 43 (UK size 9 or 9 and a half)
Grandmother aged 70 plus - jacket ( medium / large- black/dark colour) and bag.
Father- toothbrush, jacket (large, black/dark colour), tee shirt(large- black/dark colour/no logos). Shoes size 43 (UK size 9 or 9 and a half)
Mother- flat summer shoes size 39 (UK size 6); long jacket(medium/large size- black/dark colour); hair colour ( brown); hand cream; toothbrush, bag, hijab; sleepwear; a Handful of Flowers, nail polish; make up
Daughter age 13 but size adult 10-12- face and hand cream; soap; hairband;make up;moisturiser; bag; tracksuit; long jacket / coat; hat; sleepwear; new underwear; flat summer shoes size 40 (UK size 6 and a half); Hair spray
Son age 8- jacket ; bag. Shoe size 34 (UK size 2).
Toiletries: shampoo for men and women, hand wash for the whole family

Many thanks