Prayer Angels 

All Churches in the District were challenged to do something special during “Together in Mission Week” between 20th and 29th April. Studley church members produced over 200 “prayer angels” (mostly knitted, but some made from card) which were placed around the village for people to find and take home or pass on to someone else. 
Angels 1
We hoped that the angels would reach individuals throughout the village and bring comfort to someone particularly in need at the time.  As well as posters outside the Church, Facebook was used to make several postings to a local community group “Studley Matters”, which has nearly 5,000 members.  Redditch Standard - one of the local free newspapers – printed a photo and article at the beginning of the week.
Angels 7
The response through Facebook was tremendous, with hundreds of “Likes” and several posts and responses from those who had found angels and had stories to tell.  There were a lot of positive comments in general.  Here are a few –

My daughter found one this afternoon, made her day- thank you x”
Found one earlier when on the school run, it was really nice. My Daughters have left it with their school to find someone to pass it to”
My friend and I found one in a tree in pool road car park. We are going to re hide it tomorrow when we take her dog for a walk. It is such a lovely gesture!”
It’s such a lovely idea -You should come for a walk round Studley and the local shops you might find one too xxxx”
Found at the leisure centre today. Thank you We had to have our dog put to sleep today so lovely to find it
“I found one at the bus stop on dad passed away in jan so brought it home for my daughter”
Woww wish i could find one, i know someone who really needs one of these xx”
Angels 2

I walked the village tonight desperate to find one of these to pass on to my Grandad... but had no such luck such a lovely idea though
My children and I have found 4 in total. The first was a paper one which we handed in to the Catholic school to hand out to someone in need. Two were posted through peoples doors who my children thought needed prayers at the moment and the fourth was given to my Grandad who lost my Nan in February. We have loved finding them and passing them on. Thank you.
I’d really like to find one of these beautiful Angels, my next door neighbour very recently lost her partner and I’d like to give one to her xx”
“They are beautiful. Thank you for the message that God is with us
This young lady underwent surgery in Warwick Hospital yesterday to put wires in two broken bones in her arm & elbow. She was very brave, so this little angel is very welcome. Thank you Studley Methodist Church”
Angels 6

“I just want to say thank you to the kind person who left this little angel on the hedge outside my parents house in Lansdowne Road. Dads currently undergoing chemo at the moment and has other health issues so this is a lovely gesture. Thankyou whoever you are.”
“Seen a few posts about these little angels now & they somehow seem to find people who need them! Its such a lovely thought
“Thank YOU......Belle found an Angel and will be passing onto her Nanny to take to hospital with her when she has her operation on Sunday
Her Nanny responded: “Ahh thankyou Belle ,I will put it the side of my bed to keep me safe and strong so I don’t back out xxx”.
And, after the operation: “Thanking Belle for my Angel ,it was with me all through my operation ,I have had 6/7 cervical disc out and decompression going in through front of my neck so tricky op ,thank you all for my well wishes. Thank you to the church
Angels 8
We also had several messages asking for an angel and we have done our best to respond to all of them.

As a follow-up, we decided to open the Church on the following Saturday and invite anyone who wished to come & talk, have a prayer or just sit quietly.  We had some interesting conversations, both with those who came in and those just passing by (some of us stood outside & greeted everyone).